Lemongrass Thai Therapy can offer you:

  • A personal environment in which to relax
  • Relieve pains from sports injuries
  • Combat stress
  • Traditional Thai oil massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Therapeutic massage to cure muscle and ligament tension
  • Thai foot massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage

Our services are simple and so is our pricing

30mins  from £25.00

This is  rather short session fo any Thai massage treatment. A therapist is only able to spend a short period of time on any Sen line and unable to promote the full benifits of the treatment.

1 Hour  from £45.00

This is a popular length treatment and allows our therapist time to complete a  more effective treatment.  You will feel relaxed and invigourated after an hour.

1½ hours  from £65.00 

Popular length allowing the therapist to time to concentrate on any problem areas you may  have highlighted.

2 Hours  from £80.00  

Perfect !   Thai massage treatments are designed to take exactly two hours to  acheive the full benifits of your treatment.

Payments can be  by Credit/ debit card  or cash or Paypal

This is not a sexual service. (Inappropriate Emails or Text will not be answered). Both Ladies & Gentlemen welcome.

Opening hours are normally  10am – 8 pm  ( Monday to Saturday ) but are variable week on week 

Strictly by appointment only

Open  Monday to Saturday  
  10am to 8pm

(Please note this is by appointment only,
 hours are variable week on week)

Thia massage therapist of Lemongrass Thai therapy
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